Orangeburg County Broadband is an internet service provider providing low cost high speed internet to the rural areas of Orangeburg County.

Broadband Internet Services


We have a variety of Internet packages dedicated to meet your needs. See below for more information.


We have a selection of Internet packages to answer your need for a reliable Internet service. See below for more information


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Residential Broadband Internet

Orangeburg County Broadband provides several packages starting at $39.99/month for your residential needs.

Business Broadband Internet

Please give us a call for information about our business packages and rates.

(803) 274 - 4243

About Us

Orangeburg County Broadband provides low cost high speed internet to the rural areas of our County. The internet has become a necessity of everyday life. Broadband puts all types of information within a few keystrokes away, benefiting the community in so many areas.

Broadband internet access levels the playing field when it comes to educational resources. Children in rural areas can access the same resources as children in metropolitan areas, textbook materials can be downloaded and assignments completed and uploaded via the internet.

Businesses need broadband to compete on a global level. High speed access accelerates development, and provides new opportunities for innovation, expansion, and e-commerce. Communities that connect their residents create wealth and attract business investments.

Broadband enables people to work from home, saving time and expenses. Employers have been encouraging this concept to save overhead expenses and improve employee satisfaction.

Broadband facilitates efficiency in healthcare delivery and creates opportunity for doctors and healthcare specialists to work together as a virtual team – with specialists located in any part of the world. Test results from a hospital emergency room or laboratory can be sent to radiologists or doctors in seconds, making rapid diagnosis a reality. Doctors are now sending prescriptions directly from their offices to pharmacies, greatly reducing wait time for patients, reducing errors, with automatic checking for interactions.

High speed internet provided by broadband can improve victim to responder communication by enabling instantaneous communication to and from members of a connected community. Police, fire, and emergency medical personnel can react to crisis quickly, fostering cooperation among numerous public safety agencies.

There is no doubt we live in an information society, and broadband puts the world at the fingertips of rural residents in Orangeburg County. Whether it is training for a new skill, a new language, or completing an online course – broadband facilitates the access of information in many different forms.

Online Bill Pay

Orangeburg County Broadband is now accepting payments with your Debit/Credit Card. We will gladly accept these payments via online, phone, or in our office. There will be a processing fee of 1.7% + $1.00. To access the online portal to make your payment, go to:


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